As A Professional Wrestling Fan


This month I would like to talk about Professional Wrestling. I have been a fan since the earliest of ages and we never missed an AWA match when it came to St. Paul, Minnesota. We even attended a few in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have a black and white photo of me as a baby at my first live wrestling match with my parents and my grandparents on my father’s side.

Sure, the storylines and match outcomes are predetermined but the ability is genuine. Yes, wrestlers work out their moves with each other but consider the fact that a wrestler is only as good as the wrestler he or she is working with. One mistake from one wrestler can cause injury and that is just the ground game. Lets face facts that “High Flying Wrestling” has become more extreme over the years and once your airborne, your agility must add up with positioning and maneuvering of those wrestlers that will be landed on as a result of an aerial assault or the wrestler assigned to catch the flyer. Multiple catchers can be even more dangerous because it only requires one to be off position.

I remember the days when jumping off the top rope was “high flying” and some areas called that a disqualification. Over the years, the jumps have been higher and added with flips and turns. This does not even include tables, ladders, stairs and chairs. Back in the day a chair shot was considered extreme and most were executed with wooden chairs. Today sees everything like going through tables, off ladders, into glass, barbwire and tacks.

Wrestlers have gotten bigger and faster as well. Even big muscular wrestlers that were traditionally ground and pound are now doing aerial moves. Tag Teams have gotten faster and went from double dropkicks to straight out super kicks. Women wrestling has become the most changed. They went from basic wrestling to bra and panty matches to full out assault and proven they can be just as good as the male wrestlers and in my opinion can even do everything better.

I love every aspect of wrestling from the mike talk, the storylines, the action and each wrestler with the ability to move as I know I could never do. I am a geek / nerd and in my opinion, wrestling is even more important to my breed. There are others like me that feel professional wrestling is a sport for geeks and nerds to enjoy, that do not really follow other types of sports.

In closing I would like to add that the one thing that has been missing in wrestling is the period without a lot of managers. That era is coming back and I am happy for it. Yes, managers cheat but they are another obstacle for the hero to overcome. Wrestling has good and evil and that draws in even more geeks / nerds like me. Tag Team and women divisions are my two favorites aspects to watch. I also wanted to add one thing that I believe every wrestling fan can agree with; Wrestling is fun on the weekly shows and better with Pay-Per-Views but nothing is as exciting as attending live wrestling events.