Achoch Tuj Vollum: (Aw-sawch Tooch Vawl-um)

The one God of the Luth Bik (Looth-Bick) race. Worshiped with many individual prayer chants precise for each purpose needed. His ceremony to aid in his people’s purification often requires a rough surface and crooked wooden staff to represent one’s damage to their soul and a straightened staff with a smooth surface to represent Achoch Tuj Vollum’s restoration of that soul. Achoch Tuj Vollum often requires his followers to go on many pilgrimages. The pilgrimages will vary in time, depending on the need. Some can be as short as half a rotation (day) or as long as many cycles (years). These pilgrimages are called directly from Achoch Tuj Vollum to his people in a specific vision and are praised by the Luth Biks as an honor. The pilgrimages are never refused and often engaged as soon as their current task in life is completed.

Aklowda: (A-cloud-ah)

An isolated world of dirt and rock. The inhabitants of Mars once fled here after hiding in the Mars underground from the Ubides. The Ubides used a process called “the Sweeping” that turned Mars from what once looked like Earth into what we know as a planet of red rust today. After “the Sweeping”, The inhabitants fled here to Aklowda, led by the ruling royal family of the Kylde Kingdom. They created a palace built into the side of the planet’s deepest canyon and an elaborate underground cave world. The shield stone was a rare element in the known galaxy that distorted and inhibited Ubide scanning and provided a perfect planet of seclusion.

Albejen (Al-beh-jen

Albejen are a humanoid form race with pale white skin and a side mounted crescent moon shaped head with the points at the left and right. They are most often hooded and have cold to the touch skin. They have a high opinion of themselves. They will not be led by another race but will offer aide as long as strength is displayed. They speak in a tone of a heavy whisper. They have no heart in their bodies. The entire race shares one large heart that is kept secured on their homeworld of Albetha beyond a black hole. The Albejen are secretive and reclusive and as such, are viewed by other races as mere myth.

Anuijs: (Anew-ijis)

A gilled race of humans living on a remote water world called by them as Perala.


The equivalent of an hour.


An older Derth that has forsaken thee hunter ways and chosen to foregone his family or surname Kahrark. Normally A Derth is stripped of the family or surname as a severe form of punishment. There are few exceptions in Derth culture. Ark has become a recluse and vegetarian Derth by choice.


An entire planet used for many races to bury their dead. A cemetery planet.

Alda Day

Some cultures use this term to refer to a day.

Ararra: (Ah-Rarra)

Queen Ararra is in control of the Kylde Kingdom, The Gomen Satys and the canyon castle on Aklowda. Mother to Prince Orin and Prince Slade. She is also the stepmother to Princess Erikai.

Arzahaans: (Arz-ah-hahns)

Arzahaans are a crab-like race but as tall as the average human. Their homeworld is Talleep. A planet that is host to many varied species. Arzahaans dwell in the underwater caves and on the beach shores. They have trade relations with settlers but are a primitive race. Some younger members of the race have developed a growing curiosity of the worlds beyond Talleep.

Bagress: (Bag-ress)

A sacred Derth combat ritual used to settle differences. Usually fought to the death.

Battle at Edge Station

The final battle to defeat Krysus. Near the end of Book 3> The Children of Home

Black Guard:

A military force that was set up by the Luth Biks to hold the advancing Derths and Ubides back in their own territories of claimed space. Epitaph, a member of the reptilian race Niqueqs (nik-keeks) an offshoot race of the Niqs (niks),was appointed the supreme commander of the Black Guard. He appointed non-humans in the highest command roles, entitled fright agents. Everything under that from grand admirals to grand marshals to the lowest soldier recruit was a role filled by humans only. There were shadow operatives that were non-humans. The humans grew to think they were a major player and liked their status of a military might. After the Derths and Ubides had been pushed back, Epitaph refused to surrender his command. The Black Guard became a brutal oppressive regime. The refusal to lay down power had given birth to the Luth Bik Resistance. The standard Black Guard armor was black with dark blue highlights. A dark blue visor covered their faces but was transparent from the inside to look out. It aided intimidation. The main trooper weapons were a blaster pistol, a black whip, and a single hand held black axe with a fireman’s style head and blade.

Blaster Tech

Fired in blaster bolt form. Better for portable use like blaster pistols and rifles because power packs provide 100 shots versus most portable laser weapons with charges that provide 20 shots.

Books of Prophecy

Books of Prophecy are written by prophets and tell of the future, often in cryptic passages. They are thick in pages and ooften have clasping latches to keep them closed. They are all branded with a prophet insignia on the cover. Only pprophets and special people of prophecy are able to open a true Book of Prophecy. The writing in a Book of Prophecy can be read in the language of the reader, despite being written in symbols. The fact that they tell the future is treated by many as more myth than fact and as a result, there are many fake copies out there to seek a fast profit from the more gullable of people. Dark Lord Epitaph, leader of the Black Guard does believe inn their power and uses their writings of the future to guide him and protect his reign of power and rule.

Canians (Cah-nee-ens)

Canians are a race that resembles a wolfman or werewolf in appearance. They have fluffy tails, long and shaggy fur, pointed ears, and a snout nose and mouth formation that is filled with sharp teeth. Their homeworld is Shalragra.


A human strategy board game to collect enough wealth, influence, and power to rule the known galaxies.

Clawd: (claw-ed)

Clawd is a gambling game played with a deck of 52 various circular cards. The object is to score 52. Some cards have numbers, minuses, additions, matching pictures to equal bonuses, standard game text and two wild cards.

Comm Tagging

The process of monitoring comm traffic and verifying the identity of the location and designation of identities and call signs.

Comms Board:

The communication panel on a console.

Crystals and gems

Used as currency and can be converted to use power sources.


The equivalent of a year.

Derth: (Dirth)

A humanoid form with the addition of a large massive tail. Savage yet intelligent. Orange skinned and reptilian. A carnivore race that hunts sentient and non-sentient races indiscriminately as food. They act as muscle for the Ubide race because the Ubides have proven poisonous to them as food.

Dovol: (Dahv-ohl)

A humanoid race with red, gray, or black tones of skin. They look like devils, complete with horns and tails. They speak common or basic. Their native languages are vilish or bezelu. Some speak a combined dialect called bezish. Their homeworld is in Derth claimed space, and the planet Rasha 1. They have colonized Rasha 2 and 3. They are mostly a charismatic race. Their customary weapon is a trident.


A coin form of currency in Black Guard controlled space.

Erikai: (Air-eh-kie)

Princess of Kylde Kingdom and the Underground cave world on Aklowda. Half Sister to Prince Slade. Commander of the Underground army.

Fluxing Crystal:

A larger crystal usually the size of a tractor tire. Used as a power source- it fluctuates and literally pulsates. Its power is drained over many cycles of use. It can be recharged with a full power down of all systems. It works exclusively with Ubide tech. Some fluxing crystal chambers can be converted to use fluxing crystals of rare and smaller sizes. It would take multiple smaller crystals to equal the full functioning ability of one of normal size.

Fright Agent

The highest rank held in the Black Guard. There were only four known fright agents and it was the only rank in the Black Guard that could not be attained by humans. They had taken a vow of loyalty to the Dark Lord Epitaph and were injected at the time of the vow with a chemical at the base of their brain. It would grant them enhanced traits and skills. if they ever turned disloyal to Epitaph, that same chemical would burn their blood.

Frugiki: (Fru-gick-ee)

A human sized, feathered but flightless intelligent bird race. Their homeworld is Keelneeko. They speak a language called freeki. They live in ground nests. Many travel on starships and build nests aboard those starships. When resting in their own constructed nest, the race seems to have some regeneration capabilities.

Gadgion (Gadg-ion)

Gadgions are an intelligent and sentient species. The race exists as gaseous forms. They are encased in a vessel in order to travel and interact with other sentient races. The vessel is three parts. The first is the head and neck which appears as a really cheap plastic image of a human head except that their gasses expire through the mouth, eyes and top of the head. The gasses are regenerative and ever flowing. Their body is a bronze type torso with moveable arms. At the end of each arm are three moveable and metal prongs used to handle objects. Below the torso is a hover bowl shaped devise that has a forcefield to contain the lower gasses that swirl around inside it. They have small speakers in the neck formation that they use to speak various alien languages. Their homeworld is a gaseous planet called Zakasti. Their own language is called Gadji and it is done telepathically and my mixing their gasses with other Gadgions.

Gapavy: (Gah-pavvy)

A Derth strategy game that requires a player to get their four starting pieces in the same starting spaces, only at their opponent’s side of the board. Each piece has special movement ability and a chip draw. The chips enhance movement or can be played against the opponent’s movement. It is played on a diamond shaped board with some spaces also having special instructions.

DertA Atrategy game called Gap You had four special pieces that you had to try to get in the same starting positions only on your opponent’s side of the board. Each piece had its special movement abilities and a chip draw. The chips had special move designs and special text abilities that affected the pieces and other chips. It was played on a diamond shaped board that also had some spaces listed with special instructions.

Gangok: (Gang-ock)

The race is humanoid except for a large red skinned bulging muscle design. Standard height is about ten feet tall. They look much like trolls of ancient lore except with no horns. As a racial trait, they produce a personal stench that most races notice but could find not preferable but tolerable. The odor however is extremely offensive to the Helven nose and caused much conflict between the two races.

Geckee: (Geck-key)

Geckee was a noble Derth that operated as an ambassador for the Derth Hunting Counsel. It was a section of Derth government that had long been attempting to take ruling power from the Derth High Command. Geckee used the human clone called Cage to assist in his ascension that allowed the Derth Hunting Counsel to finally take command. It was a brief period of reign before Cage himself took over all Derth rule, despite much anger of his human appearance being a source of food to the Derth race but an inedible one because of his mixed Ubide DNA that made him poison to them. Geckee had been so honorable and worshiped by his people that he had willingly and by his people’s request dropped his family or surname of Gedikila to display that special aura about him. Normally the family or surname was stripped from a Derth for a severe punishment. Geckee met his demise at the hands of Cage in Shadowed Stars book one.

Ghosting or Ghosted

The process of providing false images and scans on sensors and viewscreens in an attempt at deception.

Gomen Satys: (Go-men Sat-tis)

An ancient sect guard of the Kylde Kingdom. They are donned in green and yellow living armor that grants great abilities. They wear helmets that resemble the head of a ram on Earth and wield swords called stingrippers that can separate into two blades for enhanced melee and produce ranged attack options such as purple flame and electric streams. The pommel of the sword weapon’s hilt is a shootable grenade.

Grop: (grop)

The term representing an Earth month.

Hahnee: (Han-nee)

Hahnee is the single and plural term. They are unevolved Cro-Magnon cave dwellers. Most of their homeworld called Eth, is unaware of space travel. Those that are aware, have only seen objects in the sky ad strange beings at a distance. Some Hahnee have been abducted by Ubides for study. Others have been abducted by pirates or roamers that use the Hahnee as muscle.


Havens were the terms used by Honshos for a stash point of stolen goods or a hideout from pursuit.

Helven: (Hell-vin)

A humanoid formed race. They are tall and have elf ears that extend just past the top of their head. The other difference is their cat-like nose and mouth. The female Helvens all have dark exotic tone skin and long black hair. The males all have pale white skin and ranging from bleach blond to a darker mixed blond hair color.

Honsho: (Honn-show)

The entire race are pirates. Their governing body is the Honsho Piracy. Betrayal and backstabbing in order to move up in rank is an accepted way of life. They have no homeworld. Honshos are born on random planets but mostly on freighters. Honsho raiding freighters are built extra long for speed purposes and as such sacrifice maneuverability. Honshos serve groups called Legions. Fame, Rank and Favor measure a Honsho’s individual status in their Legion. Legions are ranked by wealth, intimidation, and strength. Importance in the Honsho Piracy is The Honsho Piracy first, the Legion is second, the individual is third and family ranks last.

Honshon stick: (Hon-shun stick)

The primary weapon of the Honshos. It shoots an adjustable rate of an electric stun stream. It is 12 to 14 inches long. The handgrip is molded to its wielder’s primary hand for optimum comfort and effect. Depending on the wielder’s choice they either have a button or slide lever activation. They are often branded with the wielder’s name and the legion they serve.


The slang name given to Derth warships due to their design of a humpbacked main ship hull that is attached to the flat top command by a single thin support strut.


Travel at lightspeed. A successful jump from one location to another requires a start point registered and a destination. A hyperspace portal will open and after entry it will close. Most hyperspace portals have three minutes of open time that can be manipulated by the starship that opened it. The starship still travels through a tunnel or blinking light passage and after the travel time at lightspeed a hyperspace exit portal is opened and controlled by the creating ship just like the entry portal. There are two ways of possibly getting lost. 1) failure to place a registered start location gives a 20% of becoming lost and 2) plotting a random exit destination gives an 80% chance of being lost. Doing both of these is a certainty that one could become lost with a 4 to 6% chance of success.

Imu: (eee-moo)

A sentient race that resembles rotted and walking corpses. They can transform their appearance to normal members of any race within only a few moments of exposure. Once chosen, they can recall that specific disguise at will. As a race they are accustomed to living underground and in tightly enclosed areas. Daylight does not hurt them but their skills and traits are decreased a bit in it. Once per rotation (day in Earth terms), an Imu must contain their will to avoid feeding on living flesh. They can still choose to feed on it if the opportunity arises but they will not be compelled to feed. When they are guided by hunger, they will feed on nearest meat source, even if friendly. A person that is bitten and not consumed as a food source will turn into an undead zombie form. Not an Imu themselves but will see the Imu that turned them as a master.

Inilish: (In-ill-ish)

A rogue gun-for-hire Helven that travels with a Wobmat as her personal servant.

Janost: (Jann-awst)

A gambling game played with holographic spin wheels. No casino would not have multiple stations of this game of chance. Although, nearly impossible to win, many still try. Those extremely few that have won this game often walk off with a massive fortune. The currencies lost on the game stack virtually throughout the galaxy it is in. It is estimated that 1 in every 800 million attempts can create a payoff.

Jaskan: (Jask-an)

Jaskans look like humans. They are all extremely attractive and have either blue or green hair, each of varying shades. The race is focused on engineering and rival the Kemyyon race in starship construction skills.

Jump Band:

The device worn on the upper arm of a Honsho. It is worn on the opposite upper arm of the sheathed Honshon stick. When activated, it creates a yellow, white, or combination of the two colored portal. The Honsho simply steps into the portal and it closes. It then reopens somewhere within the set jump range and the Honsho walks out of it as it closes behind them again. Honsho raid commanders can link their jump bands to the raiding team and in some cases will override a Honsho’s teleport jump, effectively leaving him or her behind. This is normally done to a Honsho traitor or one suspected of soon betraying the Honsho ranked above them. The Jump Band is also calibrated for Honshos and Wobmats only. The calibration can be changed but only by a Honsho that knows the special coding.

Kemyyon: (Kem-yawn)

Kemyyons are all bald and have thick orange skin that is covered with dark red bumps. Their home world of Kemyyo is extremely hot but they as a race are adaptable to colder temperatures elsewhere. They do not wear clothing while on their home world out of cause for the heated environment and of not having a culture obsessed with covering their bodies. They are a culture that is unashamed or offended by the natural naked body. They do wear minimal clothing off their home world out of simple respect for other cultures. They also may or may not wear clothing on the environmentally controlled docking ring that is constructed as a mechanical marvel as a horizontal ring that surrounds their entire home world of Kemyyo. Their primary culture consists of starship building. Their basic language is Kemy but they also speak common.

Kylde: (Kyle-ed)

The name of a kingdom that started on Kotmar known to people of Earth as Mars. Forced underground by the arrival of the Ubides at Earth during Earth’s Ice Age. Later forced to flee to Aklowda, a planet that with its shield stone prevents scanning of the surface and allows hiding. The Kylde Kingdom was there divided between Queen Ararra in the castle that is embedded into the walls of a canyon and Prince Slade in the massive underground cave world.

Laser Tech

Lasers are the same as phasers. More powerful than blaster tech. They can be fired in short laser bolts or adjusted to constant beams. Its better for starship or vehicle use that is capable of adding more power to the laser.

Lashars: (Lash-ars)

A humanoid form race with dark black and shiny skin almost slippery to the touch. They can morph their bodies into a black slime and back into their original form, often in the span of seconds for surprise or minutes to lay in wait like a trap.

Luth Bik: (Looth-Bick)

Humanoid form, except for a hard-gray shell type of skin, two upward slanted all-black eyes, and a nose with two widely spaced nostrils. Most have long brown or black straggly hair that creeps out from the sides of the hard-shell-like head with a forehead that slants backward to a point that lays flat the top of the head. They have ears with no lobes and soft lips surrounded by the harder shell. Luth Biks are a righteous and honorable race. They have two hearts, one at the upper right chest and the other at the lower abdomen. They do not feel the emotion of love. They have sex and breed through carefully constructed contracts. Their god is called Achoch Tuj Vollum. He puts them on holy pilgrimages often and they are deeply religious to the point that they pray twice a day with a heavy prayer chant. They often use a robe with a crooked staff and a straight staff to represent the straightening of their spirit and path.

Maggis: (Ma-jiss)

The Maggis are humanoid form who look like hairless dogs with large elephant style ears. They do not possess any translator devices. They speak maggite and ancient Luth Bik naturally but are capable of learning other languages. They commonly have low light vision and blindsight abilities. Their homme world is called Yardo and located in Derth controlled space.

Matrasus: (Matra-sue)

The Matrasus are humanoid tiger people. They have short oorange fur with black tiger stripes over their bodies. At the tops of their heads they may have longer brown or bland hair if any at all. They practice predatory hunting and wear no clothing. Some more in leadership roles will wear skins from animals that they had killed in a hunt but other then that, the race generally is offended by clothing. They are primitive for the most part but have encountered technology, primarily from races that travel to their remote home world of Matrel in wild space in seeking of their capture for uses of slavery in many various forms, such as muscle, labor and even sexual.

Mixed Breeds:

The most common of mixed breed races is a mixture of the two. There are some that come out as a dominant race with no sign of the other race. This happens less than the mixing of races.


The equivalent of a minute. Some cultures refer to as a Mek.

Monkey’s Head Nebula:

The official Earth designation is NGC-2174. It is just beyond this area of space that Shadowed Stars takes place.


The spherical shaped starfighters used by the Ubides.


A small assault shuttle used by the Black Guard primarily as a boarding starship. It carries a 5 to 6 commando assault team.

Prah: (Praw)

A race in humanoid form except that they are covered in thorns. They wear no clothing. The only way to distinguish between the sexes is by the type of thorns on their bodies. Thorns also measure society status. The older the Prah, the more thorns they have and the older Prah are treated with greater respect. It is rare for the Prah language of prata to have more than five letters and two syllables. They are capable of speaking other languages once learned. Their home world is Nyx.


A popular but highly illegal drug. It increases your mental thinking, all of your senses, and your physical strength and stamina. It only lasts for about 15 moks (minutes) and requires another fix. After several multiple uses, the drug will not be as affective unless you increase the dosage and once you reach that step, the lessened effects last for 10 moks or less and the withdrawal becomes stronger. After even more use, the body becomes weaker with each withdrawal step. Soon you are using Quick to just feel good and its effects are miniscule. At this point, the only benefit is to not feel weak.


A railer is basically a hover train with bottom mounted nacelles on each side innstead of wheels and gears

Rayk: (Rake)

An honorable Luth Bik and loyal friend to Prince Slade. Worked with Luth Bik Intelligence against the Black Guard before being chased into Derth territories of space and ending up on Aklowda. It was there where he joined Prince Slade’s fight against Slade’s mother, Queen Ararra.


Term used for restroom


The equivalent of a day.

Satsur Gun: (sat-sir gun)

Used on Honsho raiding freighters. Instead of lasers, they produce flashes that follow each other from the satsur gun to the targeted starship’s engines. Once the flashes join and impact the targeted starship’s engines, they cause disruption of engine rhythms and fluctuations effectively shutting the engines down. Once the Honshos secure the starship, if they wish to take it, the damage is easily reversible by a Honsho device.

Schism: (Skiz-em)

Term for all the various types of Black Guard starfighters. The different designs are further differentiated by numbers. Example: The small oval shaped one manned starfighter with close to hull and backward slanted wings is a schism 1. The more bubble shaped and single cockpit with long starfighter wings is a schism 2. The one with a dagger shaped cockpit and wings to match is a schism 3. The one that has a cockpit raised above its hull and no wings but a pointed fore and aft is a schism 4. There are seven different types of schisms.

Sec: (Sek)

Equivalent of a second in time.

Sedirko: (Sed-irko)

A gambling game played with valued chips won in an auction format. The chips are then played against the table of other players. The game can accomodate two to eight players at a single table. Humans seem to have manipulated a cheating method to this game that most casino operators watch out for.


A living blue plant based being in human form. They are born from large blue pod plants that are grown from a leafy blue snow-like covering of a planet. The process is a planet invasion process of the Ubides that is called, the Seeding” The Seedlers are born from the pods and designed to obey the Ubides.


The home planet of the Canians, a werewolf like race. The planet is mostly a woodland planet.


Term for the Luth Bik starfighters due to their diamond shape. They are a unique starfighter because it takes a pilot and a gunner to operate it. That is also the drawback that it cannot operate without both. The maneuverability and firepower are unmatched and worth the drawback. It is also one of very few starfighters with minimal shields and the only with hyperspace capability.


The Shrow are like dwarves in appearance. They most all, including the females have a receding hairline but the rest of their hair is worn long. Shrows are mostly prophets and those prophets usually wear their long hair in braids. The prophets are charged with writing the Books of Prophecy and usually live in seclusion. The prophets also have two lives providing the bodies are not destroyed. It is a lengthy regeneration process between the two lives. Another prophet ability is that their aura when approached causes other races to become extremely ill. The Dark Lord Epitaph and the Luth Bik race seem to have immunity to this effect.


The term given to Black Guard bombers. They are slightly larger than a schism or starfighter size and resemble two stacked blocks. They are capable of orbit and planetary bombing.

Solod: (Sawl-odd)

The term given to a Derth that has lost or had its last name stripped away and now lives in banishment with other solods.

Spaced or Space Out

The process of sending someone out of a starship and into space with no protective Gear.


A gambling game played in a walled off ring with balls of ranked value and three scoring zones.

Teons (Tee-ons)

Teons have humanoid form. They often wear thick armor over their thin skin. The only parts of a Teon that are exposed are the human skeletal hands and the human skull. Their homeworld is Ordiku but many have spread outward into Derth space. The fact that they have little flesh to devour keeps them from being hunted by the carnivorous Derth race. Despite the Teons not being worthy of a Derth hunt, they are basically defenders of other races and have an arsenal of weapons and starships designed for the purpose of Derth combat. They must consume calcium usually in cube form at least every 12 hours or their bodies will become brittle and fragile. Kavsill is a planet in Derth space that is plentiful of the calcium supply. Kavsill is near a space station held by the Derths. It is named Safehaven Station and rests in the heart of Derth space. Teons have thermographic vision. Teons can also breathe under water and in a vacuum. They have immunity to toxins, poisons, and diseases that do not affect bone.

Tichi: (Tee-Chee)

A gambling game played with rectangular cards. A deck is 66 cards and each card has a value, increase, decrease, immunity to penalty, or a penalty. The object is to get all opponents to a value of 11 or less. If you end up with exactly 14 points and all others are beneath 11, then you score a double win on all wagers.


Tricks are the term used for magic and spells

Ubides: (You-bides)

The name of the standard gray alien that is often thought of as a standard image. The Ubides have several three-foot forms that serve as drones and assistants to the fewer and command level five-foot Ubides. They have yellow blood and understand many languages. Their language consists of clicks and squawks. They can only communicate in other languages through telepathy and prefer that even with their own language. They are poisonous to the carnivore race known as Derths. They are a tech-based race and farm other races to provide as food for the Derths, who in exchange provide the muscle for the Ubides. The race is currently dying out due to a previous nuclear accident that no longer allows production of females. They can produce body shielding to most projectile and energy weapons after an initial attack. They have a mind twist attack that they can get inside a person’s mind and rip it apart. It feels like multiple clashing thoughts at first and then your mind is being torn to shreds. Homeworld is Ubidia.

Utteths: (You-teths)

Utteths are humanoid in form. They stand between seven and eight feet tall with muscular builds. They have tan or gray skin. Utteths with black skin color are rare. They are usually bald or have patches of hair that matches their skin color. They have one center placed eye that gives them a cyclops look. They also have droopy earlobes and a flabby neck and they possess two long fangs. They practice a noble society on their homeworld of Oudrite. Many Utteths that do not fit in the noble society of their homeworld, flee to thrive on other worlds.


The enclosed area around any airlock that requires pressurization.

War Arm

A highly technical gauntlet type weapon used by the underground cave citizens ruled by Prince Slade. It is worn on the lower arm from elbow joint to wrist. It has everything from first aid care, scanners, communication, vision enhancers, breathing devices, spotlight, snare line cables and weapons. The primary weapon is a pulsating energy blast but it also hosts a stun beam, two to four mini rockets or grenades and a retractable dagger. Its reliability is in question at times as it has a high fail rate due mainly to the power battery being so powerful and controlling so much in such a small device. The power battery does much better in bigger things. They have even powered starfighters.

Wobmat: (Wobb-Mat)

Wobmats are a race of humanoids. They appear human except for their full yellow eyes. They are a race largely ignored and seen as nothing except to the Honshos. The Honshos saw real value in a race that went largely unseen by all others. Be it by choice or as some Honshos feel it is a design in the race, Wobmats are not noticed and if they were, they were simply pushed aside without thought. That trait made them excellent operatives to gather intelligence. The ability to not be noticed does seem to not work on special people or importance of prophecy. Many Wobmats that serve or live among the Honshos are referred to as “you” or given numbers, or even just pointed at. Few Wobmats even have names.

Yige: (yee-gee)

A chosen name of the Wobmat that travels with Inilish as her personal servant.


A standard metal frame robot, bipedal, and a clear dome over the head that reveals the metal gears and provides the universally given nickname of Brainerds. The majority of the ZX3 models have speakers where a mouth would be and either black or orange lenses. Commonly used as servant robots.