The Challenge of Writing Short Stories


I find it more challenging to write short stories as opposed to writing a full detailed novel. It is especially difficult with short stories based on the mature themes of the Shadowed Stars series. Avoiding the sexual content and adult language does remove the sample of the maturity of the novels. Granted, I write story first and place the sex and language in when I feel it is necessary and only if it adds to the character development. I feel that both are essential though in the tone of the dark universe that I am attempting to relay. With that said, the dark tone is still shown but again, not as dark as I can go in a full novel. I also must fit in descriptions of not just characters but ships locale and more. The descriptions must be briefer than the full novels as well. Speaking of limitations, I tend to write big action and often allow my stories to flow out on their own. Realizing that I am writing a short story, it is almost restrictive to me to keep the action to a minimum of pages. I also love the character growth and personalities but that is also held back in a short story. I feel more fun and freedom in the story flow of a novel. It is harder to put all my normal writings into limited pages.

The whole point of providing these short stories to my fans and visitors to this site that I hope will become fans is to provide samples of the books. I can basically write out scenes but even they can grow faster than I can contain. My writings, when they come alive flow out and I personally feel it is against my story telling process to set restraints. I must give you the reader, the best descriptions and action as well as the most compelling story that I can provide in as few pages as possible. I have written many short stories even not related to the Shadowed Stars universe and always feel there is something missing. I can only hope that what I provide to you, will leave you wanting more.