Board gaming. I am not talking about Monopoly or Sorry. I am talking about more elaborate and involved board games. Where complicated can be fun. I enjoy the board game day or night where I can sit down with my closest friends and play games that take hours. I enjoy coop and non-coop play. There are several semi coop games that can have a rule ignored to make them full coop. The more strategic the game, the more fun I have. There have been games that get to complicated but if you balance it with interesting themes, I will be willing to learn. I enjoy miniature and card games, as well as role playing games. If I find a board game that combines all that, then I tend to go to that game more often. I enjoy all themes such as sci-fi, fantasy, western, and horror. A pirate game or a game where I can play as bad guys is always fun.

Dread Curse is a coin and card game where each player reaches into a bag and gets coins. Each player has a pirate role and you cannot win if you have the black spot. Merchants & Marauders, Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Pirate’s Cove are other pirate games of varying difficulty that I enjoy playing. Survive is a reboot of an old classic game that use to fall in the traditional board game category but I believe the game has evolved into the more strategic levels.

A lot of these board games are given expansions. Some expansions improve and some do not but often a “House Rule” can fix most discrepancies. Shadows Over Camelot with the Merlin expansion is one of those games. Our “House Rule” no matter where we play is that King Arthur can never be the traitor. I love Shadows over Camelot as one of my favorites. With or without the traitor option, it is always a difficult game to beat. Pandemic is also a difficult game to beat. A good coop game is one that has great difficulty in beating no matter how well you work together. A Touch of Evil with or without expansions is another game at that level.

Sometimes, simple is better. The card game of Bang or the dice game of Zombie Dice are simple and fun games. Zombie Dice usually is played while waiting for everyone to arrive. Bang often ends up being a wrap up game.

Some of my most favorite games and games that hit my table often are Shadows Over Camelot, Bang, A Touch of Evil, Pandemic, Dead of Winter, Starcraft, Xena Hercules combined board games, Villainous and Gotham City Strategy Game.