The allure of outer space has always drawn humans thanks to the mystery that can be found just beyond our reach, as they are hidden behind the veil of stars sprinkled around the night sky.

Steven Koutz, the author of the book series Shadowed Stars, showcases the mysteries of outer space and its allure in this fantastic adventure and science fiction book with mature themes. With Steven’s vast world, the beauty, horror, and explorative aspects of outer space are thoroughly portrayed.

With that said, let’s go ahead and talk more about why outer space is such an interesting subject for all of humanity.


Why is Outer Space Such an Interesting Topic for Everyone?

Stories set in outer space will always be appealing, whether from the science fiction genre or mythology. The simple tagline “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away” still brings hundreds and thousands of people to cinemas worldwide. So, why exactly do we find outer space so fascinating?

One of the reasons that explains our fascination with outer space is our curiosity. Humans naturally have an explorative and adventurous spirit. This spirit always leads to the discovery of new worlds here on Earth.

It’s only plausible to assume that these spirits would also allow us to lift off and fly toward the stars. Questions like “How did we come into existence?” or “Are we truly the only ones in the universe?” The science of outer space is designed to answer these existential questions.


It Opens Up a Flexible Path and a New Era

The modern times are the perfect beginning of a new space exploration era, wherein NASA has constantly been challenged to establish. NASA has created capabilities and systems to explore beyond our low-Earth orbit, including destinations like asteroids near Earth, eventually Mars, and translunar space.

It is the possibility of this new path and the new era that makes space exploration very exciting. This is also one of the best allure of outer space. Discovering new places is something that humans are inherently interested about.

Another reason why we explore outer space is due to the possible inventions that come along with it. NASA plans to utilize the International Space Station as a “trampoline” for the challenging journey ahead.

Shadowed Stars, a science fiction book with mature themes by Steven Koutz, displays the possibility of what we (in real life) can achieve once we start exploring outer space.


Reasons Why Space Exploration Is More Valuable Nowadays

The state of humanity on Earth is deteriorating year by year. Why spend so much on space when many resources are already stressed due to climate change, economic instability, and viral pandemics?

This debate frequently arises because there are significant issues to resolve on Earth, and space travel is expensive. Such an oversimplification disregards the motivations that have made humanity the dominant race on Earth. Space exploration is crucial if we wish to maintain that state.

Here are some reasons why people are so interested in space and why we believe we belong with the stars.

• Space Mining Can Save Planet Earth – With our population ballooning uncontrollably, our natural resources are strained quicker than ever. There are many precious resources in space, but extracting rich minerals has caused several issues. It includes environmental degradation and human exploitation.

AstroForge, a startup company, wishes to mine asteroids instead of constantly mining Earth. It could serve an unlimited supply of rare resources on planet Earth.

• Space Exploration Offers New Research and Technologies – Despite not having evolved for space travel, humans nonetheless venture there. This sparked the creation of numerous technologies that benefit the economy and enhance life on Earth.

Without space missions, we wouldn’t have GPS, precise weather forecasting, solar cells, or ultraviolet filters in eyeglasses and cameras.


Don’t Ever Let the Allure of Outer Space Fade Away

Outer space is often called the “Final Frontier,” which is true. If we want to see more about this uncharted territory, we must step up our game. We will also have to do our very best if we wish to fly off to distant space.

If you wish to get an adventurous view of outer space, Shadowed Stars, a science fiction book with mature themes, is a great book to read.

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